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Alicia Shares Her Keys

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aliCIA Shares Her Keys values are simple like the C.I.A.


C - Character; to operate in superior Character

I - Integrity; to operate in superior Integrity

A - Authenticity; to operate in superior Authenticity


Alicia Shares Her Keys mission is to be a steward to any and everyone who has an encounter with Alicia Shares Her Keys and that they will feel hope with their physical, mental, spiritual and professional growth.

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Providing KNOWLEDGE based on life experience and real world training




Providing EDUCATION through life lessons and formal education




Providing YOU with the skills and insight to be a better YOU  

Get Involved

There are many exciting ways to "Get Involved" with Alicia Shares Her Keys!!! You can provide a testimonial of how Alicia Shares Her Keys has helped you or someone you know, you can support by donating monetary gifts and resources to Alicia Shares Her Keys projects, and you can always volunteer your time at any of our events. 


"Not every door can be unlocked with one key, but with the help of God's guidance I will assist you in opening all doors"


- Alicia 

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