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Keys To Knowing Alicia

Hi!                            I'm Alicia and I'm no stranger to the scripture Genesis 50:20 “what the devil meant for evil, God turned it around for the good that many people would know who God is.”


I have always had my faith in God as my Foundation. At the tender age of 2, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. This early diagnosis would be life-changing and lead to my miraculous and inspiring testimony. Throughout my childhood, I overcame many challenges and experienced many triumphs. I was always self-driven and even advanced in the banking industry as an adult.

One day while at work, I was found unresponsive due to my diabetes escalating to full renal failure. However, I have shown great strength and perseverance by agreeing to get on the transplant list for a new pancreas and kidney while being on dialysis.

This was my greatest test. I had to allow my son to live with my mother because at the time I could not take care of him due to my illness as well as pushing through the unknown of when I would get the call to receive my new organs.

On January 17 2017, I received "THE CALL" I and others had prayed for. Northwestern University Hospital called me to come immediately to receive a double organ transplant after receiving two false calls prior. The surgery took over 10 hours and my likelihood of survival after surgery was a low percentage.


With the gift from a donor and their family, through hard work, discipline with health, and my undying and unyielding faith in God, I have been healthy with no decline since 2017.



Daily I reflect and rejoice that I  have my son back, have begun to mentor and train in health and wellness, and I have been able to inspire countless individuals that they too are going to conqueror their obstacles.  


I have shown what it takes mentally, spiritually and physically to sustain a healthy lifestyle and have a great appreciation for life.  Now utilizing my education and operating in my gifts and talents in business and financial consulting, I am offering keys to success in life.

I now have a greater understanding about life that no University could teach. Empathetic to one of my favorite scriptures Romans 8:28 that all things work together for the good of them that love God, I now believe and know without a doubt that 


I am walking in my God-given purpose and will also forever sing one of my favorite songs

“He’s got the whole world in his hands”.

I am now helping others heal, overcome and unlock doors one Key at a time!


"Juvenile Diabetes inspired my Key of Hip Hop Health"


"Renal Failure, Job lost and shift in motherhood Inspired Lemon-Aid Stand"

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"Spiritual, mental, and physical lessons inspired 3 Health Management"

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H2H LOGO.png

"Alicia’s Business Consulting A.B.C. was birthed through all of my professional experiences"

Alicia's Message To You
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Alicia Shares Her Keys

Beautiful sweet spirit, loving attitude and dedicated mother.  She is a breath of fresh air with strength and wisdom.  To truly know her you will love her.

LaMiracle Horton

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant

Absolutely a beautiful person and a wonderful mother.  Always bringing a peaceful smile no matter what the fire may look like.

Randy James

Rockford Fire Department

Her awesome program has the entire Washington Park Center change the way that we all look at nutrition. Her positive energy and unique approach infuses a wealth of knowledge.

Kamrin Muhammad

Rockford Park District Program 

Recreation Coordinator

Washington Park Community Center

"Not every door can be unlocked with one key, but with the help of God's guidance I will assist you in opening all doors"


- Alicia 

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