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Alicia's Business Consulting (A.B.C.) will assist many new and existing businesses with doors of opportunity.  Many doors will be shut, however, Alicia's Business Consulting (ABC) can assist your organization in re-branding, financial planning, creative solutions, and many more keys to open your business doors to success.  

Let's Forecast Your Business Success Together!

Customer Service

A.B.C. Key Services

  • Business Operations & Structuring

  • Business Budget Planning

  • Business Forecasting

  • Target Audience Support

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Emphasis on employee motivation

  • Customer Service and Customer Relations Training

  • Employee/Staff team building and development 

  • Reignite of company passion and goal setting

Business Meeting
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With over 20+ years of experience in financing, marketing and customer service working with A.B.C. (Alicia's Business Consulting) is like the Jackson 5 song "ABC, it's easy as 123".

No business is a failure with

Alicia's Business Consulting.

A.B.C. will help unlock all business doors!

Open For Business

"Not every door can be unlocked with one key, but with the help of God's guidance I will assist you in opening all doors"


- Alicia 

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