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Why Me?

I have asked myself this question since the age of 2. Being diagnosed at such an early age will make anyone ask "Why Me?"

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Why This Disease?

There is no cure for MOST chronic diseases, however, treatments can save you from the disease. No disease is untreatable!

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Who Can Understand Me?

Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistance, Dietitians and even Therapist can assist with understanding your disease(s), but you hold the key to understanding your chronic illness! 

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A listening ear is priceless when you have a chronic illness.  My name is not the disease. My name is Alicia and I have had diabetes, high blood pressure, renal failure, nephropathy of the stomach and a 2 organ transplants.  I would be honored to hear why your chronic disease is not your name too! This key is for those that are suffering or have suffered from a disease that has tried to tell you who you are.  Here 2 Hear is just my 2 ears willing and ready to listen to your ups and downs of a chronic illness diagnosed, but first loving the beautiful individual.  

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Why Not Me!

Every person has a purpose. You are the perfect person for your disease. You are an individual with a disease!


This Disease Is Best For Me!

God chose you to handle (fill in the blank) and He knows how much you can handle and what you can handle! You are best to handle...... A LOT!


Me can turn to WE with Here2Hear

No disease affects anyone the same, however, WE are all survivors and warriors a part of a winning TEAM!

All Hands In

Please be prepared to answer a couple of quick questions when desiring Here2Hear.  Alicia Shares Her Keys is not a replacement for medical assistance, however, will listen and learn with you.  You are never alone.

Email For Inquiry:

"Not every door can be unlocked with one key, but with the help of God's guidance I will assist you in opening all doors"


- Alicia 

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