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Hip Hop Health is the community, loves the community and works in the community.

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Jordan Retro 12's are not the only important number. Hip Hop Health teaches a good blood pressure is 120/80.

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Hemoglobin A1C

Sugar is sweet and loves to sneak into our blood.  Through Hip Hop Health we encourage you to always check your blood sugar levels.


Hip Hop Health is designed to show our youth that there are healthy fun food choices while using Hip Hop culture and language. With Hip Hop Health, Alicia Shares Her Keys is showing youth that healthy foods may minimize the diagnosis of obesity, diabetes, depression, and drug addictions. Fried foods are often a choice for youth, but with Hip Hop Health Alicia Shares Her Keys challenge youth to "Stay Fly Don't Fry!"

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Stay Fly, Don't Fry

You can always put those french fries, onion rings and chicken wings in the oven to bake and not in hot grease.

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             You can pay               for it now or later

Hip Hop Health goes after our youth to help them understand that what they eat now may make you pay for it later in life.

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Bomb Lunch Boom Box Giveaway

Email Alicia Shares Her Keys to sign your kid up for the Bomb lunch Box Giveaway to receive a healthy meal for your kids

"Not every door can be unlocked with one key, but with the help of God's guidance I will assist you in opening all doors"


- Alicia 

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